Poesyhttp://poesysite.com/en-usCopyright 2020 Poesy5/26/2020 10:20:56 AMSpiritual Dreaminghttp://poesysite.com/blogs/180186637163163/Spiritual_DreamingMesmerized by your demeanor I speak a language from a lost dream A language of feelings that no words can reveal I feel your majestic presence surrounds me Like the morning due on blooming petals A further captivating sensation takes me away To land of far more unknown mysteries To a world where our souls interconnect All fear is lost, all worries fade We are free of all that binds us to a materialistic world No shackles of false intoxicating believes The crystal ...Poesy9/16/2008 6:27:15 PMthe eerie comfort of solitudehttp://poesysite.com/blogs/150246244042874/the_eerie_comfort_of_solitudeThe eerie comfort of solitude My love is death unseen like kisses in the darkthe only darkness left in me, be still my beating heartall that ever shatters is all that ever matterseverything i touch falls apartthis whole world made of glassjust crumbles as i passall I salvage is so jaggedI only walk away w/ scars the eeire comfort of solitudeshe puts her arms around meshe finally found meI knew she could not gone on w/out mePoesy3/25/2008 2:19:51 PMblue skieshttp://poesysite.com/blogs/165295702352412/blue_skiesBlue skies I'm missing your smell in the airI don't have the time that you shareI'm wishing on an empty streetthat the walls that you've built would fall at your feetI'm begging you to look w/infor all that we've shared and all that has been under blue skies you waitand I'm always too lateall my love turns to hateas I'm slipping away Prop me up w/ the lies that you speakmy body's going numb and I feel so weakthese pieces of you all scattered w/inmake me whole put me back together to be somew ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:19:13 PMthe cemetary where you playhttp://poesysite.com/blogs/186107911823936/the_cemetary_where_you_playThe cemetary where you play Mechanical in faithan empty shell of what's not loved todaya lover or a slave?I'll sleep when i'm dead, too tired to love today there's nothing i can do or sayto make you keep the promises you madeand every time i prayI feel the cold shudder as you turn away I'm begging and I pleadthrough the laughter and the dreamsdo not covet what you plan to break I'm tearing at the seamsas you toy w/ my beliefslove is more than just a word to me tears run down my faceas I wat ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:18:39 PMdecadenthttp://poesysite.com/blogs/201800341672554/decadentdecadent Everybody diesI feel to exhale countless sigsw/ each breath we inhale deathb/c everybody dies Everybody dieswe're forced to live these constant liesso sugar-sweet, it's obsolitewhen everybody dies everybody diesothers feel for a changed demisearmageddon's here, the end is nearstill everybody dies everybody diesi've stared the reaper in the eyeshe doesn't wait, he's never lateand everybody dies Everybody diesthe moment that an infant criesthe gift of life's a sharpened knifeso ever ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:18:05 PMshe loves mehttp://poesysite.com/blogs/163085647268648/she_loves_meShe loves me she says she loves meshe says she caresalways wants to see mebut she's never there she says she loves mewell, she say's it when she's drunkthe next time she say's itshe will end up in my trunkw/ no air to breathebondage-freeso I can hear herkick and screamshe say's she love's meshe say's she doesshe usually doesn't remembershe only say's it when she's on drugsI use the same excusewhen I say,"I hate her guts"don't say things you don't meannot to meI'm like the devilevery word weigh ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:17:31 PMthe dust that give moths flight (angel of death)http://poesysite.com/blogs/572515898186762/the_dust_that_give_moths_flight_angel_of_deathThe dust that give moths flight Stirred from love-choked dreamsI open my eyes and these blood-soaked wingshow I long for simple thingsperched and waiting in withered trees Staring at the world w/ sickness in my eyesafter all I've learned, I'm praying to go blindstretching forth my arms to embrace it one last timea sea of endless dead sail the ships of the divine My condolancesa rose for youmy condolancesI close your tomb A collidescope smilesall form a shapeless wholeashes scattered every mi ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:16:46 PMlike a holidayhttp://poesysite.com/blogs/777033631205552/like_a_holidayLike a holiday Take a look around youYour a little lateyou can't just come around herelike a holiday I've been doing fine w/out youthat's the only thing that's changednow I'm moving on w/out youlike a holiday like a holidaylike a holiday How much time can you afford to wasteplaying the same games?how can we learn from our mistakesif they've not been made how can you say we'll have more timewhen we could die today?you come in and out of my lifelike a holiday like a holidaylike a holiday Ta ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:15:45 PMclose your eyeshttp://poesysite.com/blogs/123069375238113/close_your_eyesclose your eyes close your eyeslet me goI've seen your lieslet me knowhow you achehow you hurttwist the truthdrive the hearseI've swallowed hatetrusted fatewatched your faceas you replaceI don't wantI don't needmemories hauntthen i bleed close your eyesjust close your eyesPoesy3/25/2008 2:15:20 PMsadistic bitchhttp://poesysite.com/blogs/820791364899398/sadistic_bitchSadistic Bitch I love you sadistic bitchyou smile through the sickest shitall good things in life must endbut it didn't have to end like this To love you is to love painso just use me and throw me awayit's terrible how much you've changednow so sadistic and so deranged I crawl back to your door againmore mangled now than I've ever beencovered in the scars that make you grinyou open up the door and drag me in I love you sadistic bitchyour heart's a vice and your love's the whipin your house o ...Poesy3/25/2008 2:14:57 PM