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George's Poetry Publications (14)
George Manos’ Amazon Titles (See links or search Amazon by title): 1. The Sonnet Collection of William Shakespeare: Translated & Analyzed (paperback and Kindle $3.99): : 2. The Sonnets Inspiration Gave Sweet Birth (Kindle: .99 cents) 3. Kidron’s Calm (Kindle: .99 cents) 4. Rhymes from the Heart (Free here). 5. Poesy's Reflection: A poetry collection sonnets sway (Amazon.com - search by title: Kindle: .99, paperback: 9.99). 7. The Sonnets: 78-100 (Kindle; .99 8. The Sonnets: 101-154: The Final Series (Kindle: 1.99, paperback: 6.99), and 9. The Sonnets: 155-200 (Kindle: 1.99, paperback: 6.99). If you purchase there, send me an e-mail and I will send you a free download!