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Mesmerized by your demeanor I speak a language from a lost dream

A language of feelings that no words can reveal

I feel your majestic presence surrounds me

Like the morning due on blooming petals

A further captivating sensation takes me away

To land of far more unknown mysteries

To a world where our souls interconnect

All fear is lost, all worries fade

We are free of all that binds us to a materialistic world

No shackles of false intoxicating believes

The crystal clear horizon has left a revelation for us to seek

Seek the new world that lies behind the wall of your limited dreams

An exciting event of letting go of your endless dreads

All delights brought back for us to treasure

They’re insistently pushing

 To achieve that wonder of soul emancipation

Fly throw the cloudless climes

Within the vast seas hide all inner sorrows and fears

 Unleash that daring creature that’s been hiding for years

Around the bend of pure sanity

Allow your spirit to flutter incessantly

Into a universe of variant veracity

Lose yourself into me…


This article was published on:
Thursday, September 18, 2008