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Paradise Lost

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Paradise Lost

A month already, time is greater than our little life
Of what seemed so tragic, so fixed and final
Only recalled by my memory's strife
That will go, too, once time snuff this brief candle.

But, the hurt is still as deep and strong
As on that most unkind day
And my love, still, be for you as long
As Time's cold grasp that pulled you away.

While here, these moments are fortunate to know
When gone only in others our memory renew
It is our legacies that our lives most show
But, only worth the remembrance if your love I knew.

How can the day be so fair and the time so cruel?
Her treasures obscured before my clouded eyes
That are so clear to all while still dull to my view
Even Heaven's realm cannot shrink my sorrow's size.

Back to this soulless place I am again
Alone, again, with my misery lie
Sorrow coldly attracted to me then
Sad comfort in the warming sky.

Strange that such poor lines I write
Where, instead, the most golden ones should appear
The setting for their appearance so right
But this inner hurt makes them too dear.

It might be I lost love once too often
To believe that any day can bring it again
Now I wish time would pass until all forgotten
Summer surrounds me, but I cannot hold her near.

Yet, some solace, still, I find in this place
While sorrow is my only friend
It is some quirk of the human race
Comforted by that our hearts most bitterly rend.

But, this sadness reminds me of what I lost
The happiness that, too briefly, came before
If I can no longer have that but only its cost
Then sorrow, if only to remind me of you, gladly endure.

This article was published on:
Saturday, May 19, 2018

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