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When My Love Appear

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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When My Love Appear


No lines can express what a heart can feel

Though they can try their best to do

For on this page futile to convey what is real

For no words can take the place of you.


And poor substitutes for the love you gave

They must let imagination take your place

Never enough, here, for your memory to save

But only its outlines can trace.


I see a Rose and appreciate its beauty

For I know too well, soon, it will be lost

Like those times you were next to me

And then loneliness became the cost.


I hear a Robin and her notes so sweet

For soon she will quickly fly away

Like your melody that made my life complete

Too short, in my world, she did stay.


How can I convey what is so fleeting?

What lines can show my feelings here?

None, except mere words you are reading

That can only live when my love appear.

This article was published on:
Saturday, August 29, 2020

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