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What Else is Right?

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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What Else is Right?

I love you and you love me
But, from this world we have to hide
So we have to act like this not be
In some other place by my side.

How it hurts, I must acknowledge this
Standing so close but you cannot choose
Knowing here I can never know your kiss
Then this place would gladly lose.

It pains me that what we feel conceal
So, my last days live in love's denial
While, here, ignoring what I feel
I am not ready for so harsh a trial.

Then, colder still, must watch you go
And left to face another empty night
What, then, if your love can't know
What else, in this world, is right?

This article was published on:
Thursday, July 5, 2018

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