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Love is All You Need

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Love is All You Need


I been beat down by society, but I refuse to give in

I have been an outcast but do not care anymore

Though it looks like the system will still win

It will only prove that goodness abhor.


Because my crime is, I do not subscribe to convention

My path is my own to tread

And I must follow my own direction

And let my actions decide where it has led.


And though not accepted, I prefer my free will

The rest to some dogma or cause may believe

But I will let my spirit with its goodness instill

And know that my own faith will never deceive.


This is a road that is long, lonely, and ever winding

But it gives me time this earth’s gifts to treasure

I can stop and enjoy the trees in the wind blowing

And by the river’s side my content can measure.


I can listen to the bird’s song and stay for its melody

I can see the rose’s beauty and bask in her fragrance

Waiting for the woman who will come for me

And on our own path, fulfill our romance.


I do not need to follow the jostling crowd

Where the poet wondered why death had undone so many

This is because in their own life conformity allowed

And forgot the uniqueness of their own identity.


Still, I do not know where my own journey will lead

But know I always let my heart to lead the way

What I have learned, most, is, yes, love is all you need

And if you have that, nothing more to say.

This article was published on:
Saturday, August 15, 2020

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