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George Manos
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The rain was falling dismally today
But not more than my heart has drowned
Not from the rain but the tears not kept away
From the heartbreak my life's bottom found.

But, even as the sun with its warmth returns
I will still be in the dark and so cold
For whatever the day brings my heart for you yearns
And no season matters if you I can hold.

I saw you today, so close but a world away
If this was myth, no universe anywhere near
But, a goddess who keeps everything at bay
For a God who needs you to keep Heaven near.

So, tomorrow will, as I draw breath, my heart awake
But, its purpose only given if you are there
And for me to continue your love again must take
Or no man or God without it any place can bear.

This article was published on:
Thursday, April 26, 2018

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