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More Swiftly your Fall

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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More Swiftly your Fall


Remember the days when Love is All You Need"?

Those sit ins on the Boston Co"mmon looking fora better way?

From our concern for humanity we succumbed to greed

So, again, The role of the revolutionary we have to play.


From a nation united to one divided we have become

And the winds of a new civil war are brewing

From this battle no one can hide and no one run 

We must understand that history is now calling. 


And the architects of our constitution would be dismayed

For from tyranny our republic was born

And from the blood of our patriots our nation was made

From my own hands I will not see my nation torn.


Read this as a call for what sacrifices made preserve

And for all who stand in the way must be swept aside

For a greater calling we all must serve

For the future of our nation we must take a side.


Mr. President, I know when you lose you will call it unfair

And those millions of supporters will answer your call

But I am letting you know we will also be there

And as swiftly your rise, more swiftly your fall.

This article was published on:
Saturday, February 1, 2020

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