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Happy New Year

George Manos
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Happy New Year


I need inspiration to usher in the new year

This last on was difficult to get past

Now I am looking to find some cheer

That throughout the new year will last.


Finding people are divided over a cure

Not caring what happens around

Others telling me only their religion endure

And only in their faith salvation found.


Politicians trying to steal our democracy

Pitting us against ourselves for a lie

Trying to upend our republic for hypocrisy

Well, this new year I dare them to try.


It is never wise to underestimate what is good

And the patriots who uphold our morality

One thing those on history’s dark side never understood

This place stands only if there is harmony.


Dividing a people only succeeds for a while

This coming year will surely show

It is the autocrats who will go out of style

And into history’s abyss will go.


As far as your religion, it is your own

I hope it keeps guiding you in the right direction

But for my faith, I must be left alone

There is only One who can have my attention.


And so, the new year comes once again

And some of its struggles and promise know

Yet with what is new, only history can explain

But with faith and courage into it I will go.

This article was published on:
Friday, December 31, 2021

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