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The Love You Give

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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The Love You Give


I should learn to appreciate the goodness that is here

Even while my challenges blind me to this fact

But through the darkness your spirit will appear

And the light in me will always attract.


Another day that given to me should appreciate

Though I may find it difficult to get through

Before your memories all that is bad can wait

For nothing as good as that found in you.


Finding that where life is there is another chance

And whatever clouds appear will soon scatter

This the lesson where found our romance

In the face of our love what else matter?


And tonight, I will dream and greet you again

To show me tomorrow with me still will go

So, when I rise, I will hear you in the Robin’s refrain

And whatever I face your love will always know.


And when I feel the sun, it will be your light

And every breeze will be from your breath

Every meadow where your steps alight

And the oceans never reach your depth.


And the stars will pale before your gaze

While the moonlight your glow will cast

So, the night in your spirit will be ablaze

As from your brilliance its domain will last.


While the Rose in your garden first will bloom

And your beauty it will then to all bestow

So, that all that is fair to you must make room

And all that is beautiful from you first know.


Then each day is a blessing thinking of you

Nothing can matter so long as your memory live

For however difficult I am merely passing through

A world always better for the love you give.



This article was published on:
Thursday, November 25, 2021

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