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George Manos
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I can tell you that about a dream that came true
It was Fate’s hand that had its part to play
That in the place I dreamed we both walked through
The only missing piece is not long ago stay.

I wished that here we could spend time together
Yet, glad enough irony played Fate’s hand
A sweeping one spanning beyond Earth’s tether
As if Fate and irony the chess pieces of a master’s hand.

I watched your ethereal aura pass through the door
Oh, I had wished for some more time for us to share
I must be satisfied with what I still wished more
That my heart’s desire some spiritual force could bare.

I believe you knew of this role you played a part
For there is something grand that set this stage
However brief, these moments infinite in each heart
And why these dreams, here, our love engage.

This article was published on:
Thursday, February 22, 2018

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