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The Road to our Romance

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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The Road to our Romance

I walked along a country road seldom traveled before
In tune with my alienation that led me this way
So nature an extension when looking for something more
The origin my longing for something my doubts can stay.

Around me the verdant landscape I cannot ignore
But, they only accept the loneliness that I feel
As splendid as the spring long for something more
The one that its splendor makes more real.

I could take any turn around this path's end
The one that only more isolation will show
Or the one that winds around the bend
That leads me to your arms happily know.

But, I am so weary and so tough to choose
And here at the crossroads because of my pain 
Taking the wrong path my happiness lose
Not knowing which one will lead to your love again.

There is an allure to a vestigial uncertainty
So, at this country road taking one last chance
But, I would trade this for the road leading you to me
Not the one less traveled but the one to our romance.

This article was published on:
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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