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Love Is

George Manos
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Love Is

Love is when whatever we face is overcome
Facing uncertainty you are my steadfast star
When darkness beckons first to your light succumb
No matter how distant from here you are never far.

Love is when I see the Rose's last petals fall
I know that eternal spring lives in my heart
And when the seasons turn one rules them all
Love's season from which I am never apart.

When I succumb to my deepest despair
Wondering if such lofty feelings I did ever deserve
Suddenly you show, you were always there
Love is the master this place must always serve.

Once more I thought your love was gone
Engulfed in this as my life sulked away
But, you are here and prove me wrong
Love is when nothing else has a say.

This article was published on:
Sunday, July 1, 2018

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