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No One Else

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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No One Else 


There is no one else I care to love

I had one to show that it’s true

After you, nothing left to prove

The only love here I found in you.


What are the rest of my days for? 

To go on without what makes them real?

I will always look for something more

For that one where love can feel.


But, this I am left with now you are gone

A life, without you, no purpose knows 

In your arms, instead, should belong

This is where my happiness grows. 


There is no one else to take your place 

Why, then, am I left without you here?

Except another empty day to face

Emptier each day you don’t appear. 

This article was published on:
Saturday, January 18, 2020

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