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The Promise

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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The Promise

In a few days, our nation will let the world hear our voice

And it will be loud, and it will be clear

To learn we only had one choice

To choose hope over fear.

It may have looked like we were divided

And that our democracy was in danger

But in a few days, we will show we are still united

Who bet on our experiment laid the best wager.

The people are the ones who understood it best

Not our institutions or those leaders untrue

They are the reason we will pass this test

And our unwavering faith will get us through.

These last few years our faith has tested

And that there was any doubt could be understood

But we will show all these challenges will be bested

Never bet against, in our nation, what is good.

We know that the battle will still not be done

But we will always be, in the face of this, vigilant

So, in a few days this battle will be won

To show the promise of our nation always want.

This article was published on:
Sunday, November 1, 2020

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