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Distant Star

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Distant Star

Your love is no closer than the most distant star
Yet, everywhere I look there you are
Then again, from a star’s essence we all made
Why should I ever fear that from my life you would fade?

Except that you are not here by my side
I have to console myself that you’re in my soul
Let the poets write how Time this separation abide
I would rather your breath on my body know.

Yes, I can think of you and, so, are never truly away
And in my dreams your image can sweetly appear
But, not the same as when in my arms gently sway
No thoughts or dreams are good substitutes if you’re not here.

And though the stars are distant they still closer be
Because I can look up and see them in the night
While you are gone, only dreams bring you to me
And in the morning you are nowhere in sight.

Yet, your essence like stars never gone from day
I feel your beautiful presence with every breath I take
Some higher power will draw you to my way
Such love as ours this world could never forsake.

This article was published on:
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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