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The Fairest Flower

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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The Fairest Flower

The sun has finally broken through the cloudy skies
I wish this is a sign that I could send to my soul
But the day is still dark if not reflected in your eyes
And any warmth I feel first from your embrace must know.

I listen to the sounds of life thriving all around
And I wish they were the harbingers of my spirit
But I can't hear a thing unless through your sound
And this world but a dull place unless you are in it.

And, finally, the flowers, too long dead, start to bloom
And I wish they unfold in my heart so my life renew
But the world's finest gardens empty if, for you, have no room
And the fairest flower of all your beauty first knew.

And after the darkest season the day chases the night
I wish my darkness the day, too, takes away
But, no day complete unless it knows your light
And my night succumbs only where you stay.

This article was published on:
Monday, May 14, 2018

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