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Summer Night

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Summer Night

Sitting here on a summer night with the music playing

Finally finding a melody and some peace

My soul this season is sweetly serenading

So easily my troubles now ease.

The long has been long and winding, I know

So, I better enjoy these moments tonight

What better way than happy lines to show

While the stars shine on high so bright.

And where there is life hope is still alive

No matter how difficult it may seem to be

But nothing more than what these keys strive

To express the happiness where I am free.

If love finds me again, I will have to defer

To some woman yet to come my way

But my feelings tonight cannot deter

This will have to wait for another day.

Love in my heart will always live

Whether happily gained or sadly lost

But I will always have mine to give

For I have already paid its cost.

I listen to the sounds of the night around

All I need do is let them in

Soon, I will learn serenity found

Letting this summer night my heart win.

From my burdens I can escape in the moonlight

That basks the night in starry romance

I can almost see that woman in my sight

Tonight, we would let love have a chance.

And the music is playing, and all is good

This season soothing, this should be all I care

The melody to move me, enough understood

Unless I turned and you were there.

Do you read these lines and know I speak of you?

Let me know what you think

Let me know love is still true

That the night from your beauty does drink.

That is why this time is so good and tranquil

Because I am trying to reach you with a line

And with each one my longing here spill

Until you reach out and tell me you are mine.

Until then the time I have now will enjoy 

Letting the sounds of the night my senses succumb

Only equaled that day you bring me joy

That day that this world with your beauty come. 

So, here I sit and enjoy this splendor 

While the melody my mind sooths

A perfect time for our longing to surrender 

To a summer night that our love moves. 

This article was published on:
Saturday, August 8, 2020

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