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Where Such Love Store

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Where Such Love Store

And that I love you have made it plain
Despite the odds that I have faced
And even though Spring comes again
It only lives if your love has traced.

Yet, here it is with a portending glory once more
Allowing the flowers now unbowed with brilliance straight
But most erect stands one brighter than any flower
That for this season of renewal doesn't have to wait.

And the fickleness of Spring does not, my heart, dismay
When the winds come and the sky is gray once more
I only need to know I can bask in your constancy
So no season matters in one where such love store.

And, so, I need not wait for Spring's true beauty unfold
Or that, when it does, to Summer's reign gives way
For a season of eternal bliss is mine, when you, I hold
And I don't care if they pass as long, with me, you stay.

This article was published on:
Sunday, April 15, 2018

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