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George Manos
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It is time to overthrow our government

It is our constitutional right

Political power no religious sacrament

When tyranny exists we must fight.


Too many believe we have democracy

But the truth shows this not so

It is the elites taking our law at liberty

And this they laughingly know.


The media is complicit in this affair

When Reverend Sharpton points to jobs gained

The millions still suffering at his words stare

This is their ally with his logic strained.


You ask if I am right or if this is possible

Else you portray me as a heretic or revolutionary

I know how other societies more deplorable

If this is our boldest experiment, we must be wary.


Am I right?  Corporations are counted as people

Am I a revolutionary?  So were our founding fathers

Our banks prove that they live in an ivory steeple

Our culture not simply rendered but now in tatters.


The elites have divided us so cleverly

I can own a gun; say what I want to say

While the elites consolidate their hold completely

Your voice and your gun only keep critique at bay.


I know of the suffering masses, I am one

I believed in the American dream for too long

But, from this truth can no longer run

I’ll fight for a society in which all can equally belong.

This article was published on:
Saturday, January 21, 2012

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