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Is Love True? (Inspired by Feryna Setyowati)

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Is Love True? (Inspired by Feryna Setyowati)


How do I know my love is true?

Because with each moment you are on my mind

And through your heart my life passes through

So that only through your beauty happiness find.


And when the roses bloom your fragrance know

And their radiance only in your aspect live

So that such splendor only from you grow

And what nature bestows you first give.


And when the robin sings it is your notes I hear

For my heart, in this world, only hears your melody

That the sweetest music in your soul appear

That in out embrace you play for me.


How do I know my love is real?

Because the ocean’s waves are pulled to your tide

 That swells up in the serenity I feel

And I am ever reborn by your side.


Love is real and it is everlasting

No earthly season can ever take it away

As long as these lines live so it is lasting

For if not in my arms than here stay.

This article was published on:
Monday, March 22, 2021

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