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George Manos
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I must confess, my sweet, I love only you
You taught me that love really does exist
I thought life could never show me something new
Now even the chance of having you can’t resist.

I am a simple man, though others have come
Professing to this man what they believe true
But there is only one to which my heart succumb
I should be honest and say there is only you.

Life is complicated, for you to another betrothed
Hypocritically must rebuff what others desire
Even though to my conscience the truth owed
Yet, only you can kindle my heart's fire.

So, in this difficult dilemma I will sadly be
With others whose hearts are sincere
But, there is one that best fulfills my destiny
That is only proven if you, alone, are here.

This article was published on:
Sunday, January 28, 2018

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