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George Manos
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When the tulips first open their sleepy eyes
And we greet them with joy as comes the spring
From what was bare they wield their palette’s guise
In pleasing shades omens to what this season bring.

And then that cardinal chimes in that all is right
On that bough where the buds new leaves soon bare
And soon flush with green too long used to white
And the chill gone as she serenades what now so fair.

And the brooks now free to feed the meadows
Rushing in their liquid life too long frozen
And the sun each day pushing back the shadows
So soon winter’s dark hold finally broken.

This is when you come to prove that this is true
Spring's promise in you will be realized
For what is Earth’s rebirth without you
Without one beyond its fullest bounty prized?

This article was published on:
Sunday, March 27, 2016

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