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Fooled Again?

George Manos
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Fooled Again?

It looks like we are going to lose
Battled for ages, put up a good fight
But, too many fallin’ for the ruse
Money is power and that’s alright.

Lots of people protest what’s going on
Power to ‘em, for a moment strong
But capital rules, keeps on keepin’ on
The only radicals say money don’t belong.

And it is cool to be the one percent
No taxes for you, the rest must stay content
Class warfare now to say you are crazy
Anyway, ‘u can’t fight, ‘u too damn lazy.

Collecting your food stamps to stay fed
Staying at home watching your TV
And by those there radicals ‘u misled
Obama was once hope, now it’s Romney.

Until election day and you prove the fool
And vote against your interests like the plan
And the one percent have total rule
And the rest of us let them do what they can.

Don’t cry to me, your benefits are cut
Pension, Medicare, oh, ObamaCare forgot
While ‘u wallow in your miserable rut
Man, ‘u not sold as much as bought.

On all this crap the media fed you
Yeah, the most potent corporate tool
You may cry when this game you realize
Oh, then those there rebels find out didn’t feed you lies.

So, I sit here and think when it comes down
Should I fight the new administration
Or realize you all been made the clown
And let you wallow in your humiliation?

Maybe it won’t come down to this conclusion
You could wake up from their collusion
And make them see ‘u won’t fall for their delusion
The vote you have your absolution.

And the world will watch what we do
The leader we elect will let it know
If we let our better sense through
To give this world another go.

This article was published on:
Monday, June 18, 2012

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