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George Manos
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The waves, dipped in the crimson sun, erupt

To the rapture that her heavenly vision gives

And their tidal procession to the shore interrupt

For to the clamoring harbor of my heart her love gives.


This is the embankment where they need flood no more

The new landscape of love that her beauty brings

And such ecstasy I know I don’t need no other shore

And no land can hold us back as we fly on love’s swift wings.


As we soar through the cosmos where gods find their home

They find our celestial odyssey pulsating in starry waves

Like a newborn sun our passion into their realm roam

And so lustful that each deity for her fire also craves.


Except in their creation escaped one who that's meant for me

And where Heaven sighs our love's full passion known

And of all that graces this world I know one of such beauty

That nothing else in my life lives but from her love grown.



This article was published on:
Saturday, September 2, 2017

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