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Sonnet 102 (Seasoned Love)

George Manos
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Sonnet 102 (Seasoned Love)
These days, called spring, a name that bodes but well
Despite the cold and wind that mar its reign
Yet, still, the buds will bloom and gardens swell
That lend a kinder purpose to the coming rain.
And love's fine promise finds most fertile ground
To take its tender root and grow anew
And finds its kindred so with these abound
Their petals decorate this love for you.
And soon, fair summer, lifts her fiery head
In brilliant spectacle to fan our light
From its alluring gaze this love is led
So now from earth will take a seasoned flight.

Despite the hopes that on these climes do cling
Their season best when love's fair bloom does bring.

This article was published on:
Thursday, April 5, 2012

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