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George Manos
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I waked into where life rose and spoke so giddily
But I was not part of the conversation
Because the one I wanted most next to me
She had, in another man, her obligation.

So, I sat on the sorry sidelines left so estranged
While the euphoric mood only accented my depression
It seemed this world didn't care what it arranged
Even where joy is found still room for isolation.

This only made me feel how much I was out-of-place
When surrounded by a rising cadence
But, all I could do is deal with what I could not face
A world happily burgeoning without our romance.

I do not believe I want to, in such a world, belong
Its sounds of laughter and even revelry
Emphasize only too strongly what I long
It is only in another place you would be with me.

Not here, where another shares your love
And you both can enjoy life's new scope
Then my misery only its rebuttal prove
Life's celebration while with sadness cope.

This article was published on:
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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