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Wings of an Angel

Ed Roberts
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Wings of an Angel

It’s Ten PM

I turn to her

Give her a gentle kiss on the lips

And in a soft voice

Wish her "sweet dreams"


I lay there



Watch the moonlight

As it slowly bathes her

In its gentle radiance

It doesn’t take long

Mere moments

Before you can see them

Spreading slowly from her shoulders

Covered in feathers

Dipped in moonbeams

Every night

She quietly spreads

Her silver wings


When I am finally sure she lies there


I slip from beneath the covers

Carefully creep to the dresser

And as quiet as I can

Remove the scissors from my drawer

One by one

I clip them

Silver feathers

That silently fall to the floor of our bedroom

Each morning

With the hint of the dawn

They disappear

Wisps or mere memories

Leaving not a single trace



Each night

I clip the wings of an angel

Hold her here


For just another day

I know the day is coming

When God will finally take her

The feathers come back

So much quicker than they did before

I hope He understands

And when my time comes

He is forgiving

And if not

To me it doesn’t matter

To keep us together

For but a few more hours

In the end

I would gladly trade my wings in

For hers

Ed Roberts 7/04/06


This article was published on:
Sunday, July 9, 2006

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