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Age 39
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Location nashville, Tennessee
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About Me
   Hello there. My name is Josh. But in the wornderful world of words, I am "obscene martyr". Welcome to my house of pain. You will find me on myspace.com/distant_laughter. You will soon come to see that poetry, for me, is an outlet for my pain. When I write, it is like bleeding from the fingertips until the blood runs dry. To the untrained eye, you would call me morbid. You would call me evil. If you dare do so, you are wrong. This is my gospel. My ode of sorrow. The reason that I live and the reason that I die. So, welcome to my house of pain. Read, enjoy and by all means, give me your honest opinion. Be truthful, be brutal and tell me how it is my fellow poets. Your opinion, above all others. means the world to me.

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